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Violence Towards Children

A beautiful blog post from The Organic Sister. She is unapologetic in her call to stop the oppression that our society still embraces towards our smallest and most defenseless citizens- our children. Read this through–from beginning to end and maybe you will see things with a fresh perspective.  Were you treated poorly as a child? Wouldn’t you have loved to have adults like her on your side when you were in such a defenseless place? What if these words were easily accessible to your own parents as they are to so many now? I believe we’d see a very different reality then we do currently. Thankfully there are more and more people standing up and speaking out towards the injustices of children across homes in America.  Maybe we are on the road to amazing change. I’m in. Are you?

Your Anger Is Just Another Form of Bigotry

Insistence towards hitting a child sounds just as venomous and hateful as the men who insisted it was a “husband’s right” to hit his wife, or a white man’s right to lynch a black man.

Just listen to the words. The voice. The venom behind it.

Where did we learn to be so angry? We’re losing all composure and sense of dignity over the mistakes of a child?

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