The Future of Education

The current educational system is old, tired, and in desperate need of reform. Anyone who has been a part of the system–the students all the way up to the administrators– have witnessed the failings, the troubles, the glaring issues; have felt the suppression of a system that is inflexible and rigid. Educational reformers have lobbied to change the curriculum, change teaching methods, dump insane amounts of money into resources and training, in the name of “making things right”. It’s like changing the paint on a car that no longer runs and calling it new again.  The reforms don’t work. The public school system, this gigantic machine, is outdated and broken. The model hasn’t worked for everyone for many, many years, but instead of the mantra used when the banking industry tanked “Too big too fail”, it appears those who have the power to affect change see the system as “Too big to change”.  Sure, little band-aids here and there have made differences. There are shining stars: schools that participate in the 21st century by incorporating all the latest gadgets and technologies, teachers who get kids excited with hands on learning and atypical classrooms full of bean bags and comfortable seating, free flowing use of time, and more coaching, less lecturing.  But they are not the norm.  You still have kids stressed and anxious by the demands of classwork and homework, testing and grades.  Kids on medications just to get through the day.  Children being given assignments that have no meaning to them. Humans, at the mercy of curriculum creators who push standards and objectives without considering the unique differences in how kids learn. It’s not a natural set up and it is creating more anxiety and stress then necessary–for everyone…kids, parents, teachers, school districts.  This stress trickles and spreads. What makes this even more frustrating is how many people blindly follow the mandate even though they know something is wrong.

So, what if all this could change?

Consider this infographic from Knowledge Works, “A glimpse into the future of learning”.  What if we head in the direction to support the full learning potential of all humans? How willing are you to throw your hat into the ring of change?






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