The Barefoot Playground
(where parents come to learn and play)

We talk about how important it is for our children to play, but forget that we (parents) deserve a place to show up with childlike curiosity and wonder, too! 

We deserve a space where we can ask questions, share our experiences, connect (play) with other parents, learn new ideas, and return to our family feeling refreshed and energized.  

The Barefoot Playground does just that!

On the Playground, you get the convenience of online without the loss of connection. You get dedicated access to people and information that is meaningful. You get practical advice based on science, years of homeschooling experience, and study.

Read on to learn how to sign up!

The 2024 year is kicking off with 4 weeks of Unschooling Love



 You’ve Decided to Unschool. Now What?!

is a 4-week gathering meeting for approximately 1 hour on Zoom each Monday in March. 

Start Date: Monday, March 4th at 7PM ET.

End Date: Monday, March 25th


Decided to Unschool Now What DATES

Frequently Asked Questions

REGISTRATION is now CLOSED! Please stay connected through social media or subscribe to my Substack newsletter where I’ll share updates when new gatherings are scheduled.

The 2024 season kicks off Monday, March 4th with the series, “You’ve Decided to Unschool. Now What?!” Registrants will meet LIVE weekly over ZOOM. Gathering dates are March 4th, March 11th, March 18th, and March 25th. TIME:  7PM ET.

This is a series, so once this cohort is filled, the doors will close. Be sure you are signed up on my email list to stay up to date on changes and additions to the schedule: and follow along on Instagram @letemgobarefoot where I’ll be posting updates as well. 

When you register for “You’ve Decided to Unschool. Now What?!” you are registering for a limited space 4-week LIVE cohort that meets weekly throughout the month of March 2024. Refunds can be given minus a $10 service fee up to March 1st, 2024.  If you miss gatherings once the series begins, (life happens!) I can send you the notes and highlights on the topic we covered.  

I will not be recording the weekly series, “You’ve Decided to Unschool. Now What?!”. I want this to be personal and customized to those who are participating live. Sometimes recording a gathering can stifle open conversation. If you register and can not make it to every gathering, you will receive notes and the highlights of the topics discussed. 

Not this time. Registration for this series closes February 29th, 2024.

Registrants will be sent a ZOOM link 2 days before our first gathering to the email you registered with. Please check your junk folders and reach out to me at if you do not receive the link details. 

My hope is that The Barefoot Playground can serve as the virtual equivalent of meeting at a park or at a coffee house for an hour of conversation with friends. However, I get not wanting to be on camera for the entire gathering. If you need to toggle between being on camera and having a still photo, that is totally fine. Please do what is right for you!

Registrants of the March 2024 cohort of “You’ve Decided to Unschool. Now What?!” will also be receiving a 30-minute private follow-up call with me (Missy) to be used in the month of April or May 2024. After we wrap up the March series, participants will be sent my calendar to schedule their 30-minute call, at no additional cost, at their convenience.  

The group gatherings are a wonderful way to learn and bounce ideas around, but sometimes you may have questions that require more time to work through or that you’d rather discuss privately. You can schedule a time to talk to me here. If you are not finding a day/time that works with your schedule, email me at

If you are looking for private coaching sessions, click here

Previous Series’ on the Playground

"Missy embodies an innate and rare gift of connecting authentically with quite literally any person. Those blessed to share time with her feel at immediate ease and also safe to share anything from a silly joke to the deepest secrets and concerns. Her genuine compassion for the well-being of others is balanced in equal proportion to her vast knowledge in the fields of psychology, health, and education. Her dedication to making this world a better place for children is a universal inheritance that will benefit generations yet to come."
"I’ve counted Missy as a dear friend for over ten years, but it didn’t take me long to realize every essence of Missy’s being calls her to do right by children. She listens intently, honors emotions, and serves a guide to help children navigate their own path. Her ability to teach is complimented by her fundamental understanding that every child is uniquely equipped to be successful; and her level of patience is something I am consistently striving to emulate."
I’ve witnessed (Missy) interact with many children of a wide range of temperaments; she treats each child with compassion and respect. Whether they are affable or disagreeable, calm or hyper, doing well or struggling, it makes no difference in how Missy responds. Her true strength is that she maintains positive boundaries while allowing each child to feel accepted, safe, and appreciated. Missy is passionate about modeling nurturing and patient relationships, knowing this is how children grow into their best selves. She cultivates a receptive place within each child, permitting her to convey learning in such a way as to allow the child to feel empowered.