eBook-Life Unschooled: A Guide to Living and Learning Without School


A guide about self-directed education and living and learning without school. Written by two former teachers turned unschooling moms.


If you are new to unschooling or are unschooling curious, this is the guide for you!

Written by two master’s level teachers turned unschooling moms, Life Unschooled provides insight, guidance, and assurance that living and learning without school is not only possible, but in many cases, preferrable.

Common questions are answered, stumbling blocks are addressed, academics and socialization are discussed, and journal pages are provided.

Whether you are a working or stay-at-home parent, supporting your child’s educational journey has never been easier. It’s not necessary to follow the standardized schooling model for your child to be successful and happy. 

And it’s not necessary for them to wait until graduation to customize their lives.

Children are naturally curious and love to learn so it’s only natural that they can live a wonderful life outside of school,

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