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Funny Bones- A Craft Project

I’m a sucker for a good craft so when I saw an idea for a skeleton that sticks to the front of the refrigerator that could be moved about, I had a feeling our family needed this.  We are constantly in and out of the kitchen making food and messes now we can make a skeleton dance. Who doesn’t like a little entertainment while waiting on your mom to make your pancakes? I shared the idea with my youngest and she was immediately sold. We got out our supplies and got to it. Total time to make? About 30 minutes. Total amount of fun? Up to you.

You will need:

  • white card stock
  • scissors
  • basic drawing skills
  • pencil
  • black sharpie
  • magnetic strips

What to draw

  • 8 bones (2 for each leg and 2 for each arm)
  • a wide heart shape for the pelvic area
  • 2 feet and 2 hands
  • rib cage
  • skull

Cut all the pieces out.














Draw in the eyes, nose, and mouth area on your skull. Cut small magnetic strips, then glue to the back of each piece.


Stick your skeleton to the front of the refrigerator and let the trickery fun begin.


And if you have a 14 year old brother, you may wake up to this:



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