Better Together

We can do so much more together than we ever can alone.

I have gotten to know many brave, script-changing parents and educators through my social media platforms over the years. It is has been an honor to interact with and help families in some small way across the globe. One thing is certain, we are stronger and more confident when we have a support network and people to walk with us when we set out to do things differently. 

I am thrilled to be in a position to schedule conversations with you! We can now set aside a dedicated time to dig into those burning questions whether directly related to homeschooling or peaceful/mindful parenting. 

If you feel stuck, irritated, or excited even, yet feel lost in a sea of “where in the world do I begin?” We will problem-solve together and work towards connected, peaceful, thriving relationships with your kids.

You can choose from several different consults with me that best suit your needs. There are 1 hour or 30-minute options to discuss Unschooling and/or Mindful parenting. If you would like to dive deep into unschooling your child from K-12, the 90-minute “Whole Child” consult is a good one to choose. For those who would rather work at your own pace and figure things out as you go, the newly added 4-week email course “Getting Started Unschooling” will guide you through the big issues to consider as you establish a solid foundation with your family on this unschooling/self-directed journey.

Maybe you already know you will have multiple questions and like the idea of planning ahead. The Homeschool Bundle would be a good choice. Plus it saves you some $$. Win, Win!

If all of this sounds great, but you have some questions before scheduling, I totally understand. Please send me a note and I will do my best to answer your questions and address any concerns you have.

With decades of experience working in both public and private schools and years of working with and alongside homeschool families in our community, I understand how unique learning is for each child. My goal is always to help you stay connected to your love of learning and to mindfully support it in your own children.

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