Better Together

We can do so much more together than we ever can alone.

I have gotten to know so many brave, script-changing parents and educators through my social media platforms over the years. It is has been such an honor to interact with families across the globe. One thing is certain, we are stronger and more confident when we have a support network. 

I am thrilled to be in a position now to schedule conversations with you! We can talk and really dig into those burning questions like:

If you feel stuck, irritated, or excited even, yet feel lost in a sea of “where in the world do I begin?” We will problem-solve together and work towards connected, peaceful, thriving relationships with your kids.

With 25 plus years of working in both public and private schools and over a decade of working with homeschool families in our community, I have helped many parents reconnect to their children AND move from learning as drudgery to learning as the amazing, highly personal activity it is meant to be. My friends and family call me level-headed and my kids call me “steady”. Plus, I meditate regularly. You are in good hands.

Have concerns you would like to address before scheduling a call? Send me a note:

If you know what you want to talk about and are ready to dive in, let’s do this!

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