The Barefoot Way

Dear Parents, 

Your children are unique beings. Your family is unlike any other. 

Why settle for standardization when you can have customization?

Home education allows you to embrace freedom and flexibility. It allows you to draw out and highlight the natural qualities of youthfulness, like curiosity, adventure, and thoughtful risk-taking. It is about creating a schedule and timeline that aligns with your family’s values, rhythms, and the temperaments of your children. 

Home education is so much more than academics. It is prioritizing the goals, aspirations, learning environments, and opportunities for each of your children instead of doing what everyone else is doing. It is expanding the lens of success to also include a life well-lived. 

Above all, it is a call of the soul to get back to natural learning and what truly matters: family, relationships, and to thine own self be true. 



I've got you...

If you find yourself wondering about homeschooling but are not sure where or how to start, I’ve got you.

If you worry that by homeschooling you may somehow fail your children, I’ve got you.

If one of your children has been diagnosed with a learning difference or ADHD and you wonder how you can best support him or her, I’ve got you.

If you notice that your children are not thriving in school and seem to be losing their natural love of learning, don’t wait. Their behavior could be a signal of an environmental mismatch or ill-timed expectations.

Home education is on the rise because families are looking to take back control of their time by living in a way that matches their own rhythms and values not what the school system dictates.

People see that there are a variety of pathways to success and desire to build a customized life on a timeline that suits them. 

A sea change is afoot. Do you feel it?

If you are ready to join millions of other families across the globe who have decided to skip school and carve out their own unique path, I’ve got you.

The Barefoot Way

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“There is no difference between living and learning…it is impossible and misleading and harmful to think of them as being separate.” 

-John Holt




 “…nature accentuates all the senses, and the senses are a child’s primal first line of self-defense. Play in nature may instill instinctual confidence.”

-Richard Louv

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