Hello, Barefooters,

Welcome to the Great Educational Awakening!

I'm Missy...

A master’s level teacher turned unschooling mom of two, education content creator, interest-led learning cheerleader, and writer.  

I believe learning is personal and an education is way bigger than standard classroom work, jumping through administrative hoops, and checking off someone else’s list for what your life should be. 

Learning happens best when it’s meaningful, individualized, developmentally appropriate, and includes the ideas, interests, consent, and insight of the learner.

Why settle for the standard schooling model when you can help your children customize their education? 

If you’re ready to pivot and seek to support your child’s natural love of learning, you’ve come to the right place. 

Kick your shoes off and stay a while! 


A little background...





For over three decades I have studied, researched, and worked with children and their families in preschools, public and private schools, and in the homeschool community. 

What has emerged is a deep understanding of child development through the ages and a respect for education as the unique and individualized endeavor it is. 

Science tells us and experience shows us that childhood is a wonderful time of massive growth and development. It is also a time that deserves to be preserved and respected.

What does this mean? It means supporting and guiding children towards opportunities and experiences that strengthen their skills and hone their talents through play, adventure, creation, and exploration while in the company of people who have a vested interest in their long-term well-being.

It also means understanding that behavior is communication and that children are guided by their nervous system. If children are with people and in environments where they feel safe, seen, and heard, they thrive. And that is what my work is all about…helping children and families thrive. 

If you are curious about alternatives to traditional school, are interested in transitioning to homeschool, need assistance supporting your children (including children with ADHD or learning differences), and/or seek a more respectful approach to being a parent, please read on to learn about the multiple ways we can work together. 

Offerings to support you:

Life Unschooled, a beautiful, 42 page downloadable guide, gives voice to the growing number of families choosing to opt out of the conventional schooling model.  

Written by two master’s level teachers turned unschooling moms with a heart for self-directed education and joyful learning, Life Unschooled provides assurance that living and learning without school is not only possible, but in many cases, preferrable.

Whether you are a working or stay-at-home parent, supporting your child’s educational journey has never been easier. It’s not necessary to follow the standardized schooling model for your child to be successful and happy. 

And it’s not necessary for them to wait until graduation to customize their lives.

Children are naturally curious and love to learn so it’s only natural that they can live a wonderful life outside of school.

Download your copy today!


  • One-one coaching. Choose a one hour or 30-minute call to address pressing issues regarding home education and self-directed education. The goal is clarity and insight so you and your kids can live your amazing life with joy, calm, and curiosity! 
  • The Barefoot Playground. An affordable monthly community for YOU! A space for parents to gather outside of social media. It’s a virtual coffee or park date with others who want to learn more about topics related to home education and/or living more mindfully with their growing children. 
  • Substack newsletter offering evidence-based strategies, insights on human nature, child development, and soul-centered approaches for connecting with and raising your children. 
  • podcast with stories, insight, and wisdom from parents, authors, experts, and specialists who are showing up to tip the balance of this world towards goodness. 

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