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The Power of Curiosity

By social standards, we have taken a non-conventional path to education, but biologically speaking my children are doing exactly what nature intended: learning by engaging in activities and topics that intrigue them, draw them in, and pique…
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The Case for Living the Self-Directed Life

Summer is probably the most dreamed about, written about, and longed for season in America. For most of America's children and young adults, summertime means freedom. The school year schedule fades away and the longer, warmer days are replaced…
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If You Want Children to Love Learning, Let Them Lead

It’s 11 a.m., the first day of the new year, and my 14 year old has just come out of his room. Hair disheveled, loving grin on his face as his tall body bends over to give me a hug. This is how every morning begins if I’m home when he wakes.…