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I’m pro-learner, not anti-education

The natural curiosity of a child is a sight to behold. To watch a toddler fumble through her world, touching, examining, tasting objects in her path is quite remarkable. Her brain taking in all the new information at lightening speed. She is making connections, drawing conclusions, and forming opinions. Her exploration continues, laying countless building […]

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Teens Need you to Read This

“It has become a cultural cliché that raising adolescents is the most difficult part of parenting. It’s common to joke that when kids are in their teens they are sullen, uncommunicative, more interested in their phones than in their parents and generally hard to take. But this negative trope about adolescents misses the incredible opportunity to […]


Bedtime Battles: A Modern day Creation?

From co-sleeping to sleep training to bed times and schedules, the topic of where and how our children sleep is a hot button issue in parenting circles I have found. But why?  How did we become so obsessed with where our children sleep and why did it become such a divisive issue? Before I had children, […]


A New Kind of Mother’s Day

As a child I made and bought my fair share of cards for my mom to celebrate her on Mother’s Day. When I had any money I would buy her something, no matter how small, as a token of my appreciation for the work she did for me. I embraced these ‘holidays’ and felt excited to […]

How we speak to our Children Really does Matter

Our words are important. They are powerful. How you use them can create a sense of peace and calm or divisiveness and shame. When talking to my children I not only see them as a vital part of our family, but I also see them as independent beings deserving of the same courtesy I extend to […]

But Mom! When Disagreements Happen

Disagreements with your children will happen. It’s not a matter of if, but when. The question really is, will you be ready? And I don’t mean ready as in: You will have all the right answers. You will walk away the victor. You will prove to them that your experience and knowledge surpasses theirs. You […]


Class Dismissed- Movie Review

I was able to see Class Dismissed in my hometown back in December. A local homeschooling mom took to social media to spread the word about the movie and to gather supporters.  The response was swift from the homeschooling community. I imagine there was a collective “YES! Finally a movie validating our choice to homeschool? […]

The Future of Education

The current educational system is old, tired, and in desperate need of reform. Anyone who has been a part of the system–the students all the way up to the administrators– have witnessed the failings, the troubles, the glaring issues; have felt the suppression of a system that is inflexible and rigid. Educational reformers have lobbied to change […]

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Getting out of the Way

We parents like to help. It’s what we do. When our children are struggling we feel compelled to assist, direct, or support. Sometimes, all this ‘help’ is counterproductive and inadvertently sends the message that you don’t trust your kids to do things on their own, to create, or problem solve without some adult supervision or […]